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Compendium High School Educators
July 26, 2022+Team HxA

New Resources for High School Leaders and Educators

HxA is excited to announce two resources for those working in the field of K-12 education: a white paper and compendium of resources.

We spent two years exploring how the values of open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement manifest in high schools and examining the barriers school leaders and educators face when embedding these values in their schools. We spoke with over 40 thought leaders working in the field of K-12 education during a listening tour, solicited a range of tools and resources from educators working in or with schools, and worked with our HxA High School Advisory Group* to refine our recommendations for school leaders and educators. 

The white paper, titled “Improving the Intellectual Environment in High Schools,” provides an overview of the barriers K-12 leaders and educators described during the listening tour and recommendations for high school administrators and educators who value and embrace HxA’s principles to implement in their schools. 

HxA’s Compendium of Resources for High School Educators” is a culmination of our tools and resources, alongside other materials, created by and for educators. The goal of the compendium is to help those working in high schools design classroom environments conducive to open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement, including tips on how to teach these values. 

HxA has concluded its exploration of K-12 education, but we hope that administrators and educators will put into action the recommendations outlined in the white paper and use the compendium to continue the work of preparing young people to freely exchange ideas, ask challenging questions, explore a range of perspectives, and disagree constructively. 

We encourage all who find value in the white paper and compendium to share the contents with colleagues, including fellow educators, school leaders, school board members, and district and state administrations — perhaps even printing and placing them in copy rooms, teachers’ lounges, and lunchrooms for others who are on the fence about this work to discover and peruse.

*Ashley Berner, associate professor and director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy, Johns Hopkins University; Matt Byrnes, head of school, Wooster School; Peter Hatala, history instructor and director of curriculum and innovation, Emma Willard School; James McGrath, founding director, Intellectual Virtues Academy; Jessica Minick, English language arts teacher, Suffern High School; Ian Rowe, cofounder of Vertex Partnership Academies and American Enterprise Institute Scholar; and Adam Seagrave, associate professor and associate director of the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership, Arizona State University.


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