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Heterodox Academy

Gannon University

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The Gannon University Campus Community provides and promotes a culture for faculty, staff, and students to freely and honestly express their views in classes and across campus.

Gannon University is a Catholic, Diocesan liberal arts university with locations in Erie, PA and Ruskin, FL. Inspired by the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, Gannon University’s Heterodox Academy Campus Community aims to build a community of faculty, staff, and students committed to the principles of open inquiry, constructive dialogue, and viewpoint diversity.

We believe that institutions of higher education have a responsibility to conduct research and educate students to become responsible global citizens. The free and civil exchange of ideas is essential to nurturing research that will benefit our community and to developing students that are ready to be active participants in our society.

We aim to promote heterodox thinking in scholarship, teaching, and university life. Through workshops and informal exchange, we hope to develop a cadre of faculty devoted to intellectual freedom, which is then inculcated in our student body.

Campus Co-Chairs

Meet the leaders building the Gannon University Campus Community

D King Headshot

Doug King


Jeff Bloodworth


T. Andrew Caswell

Associate Professor
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