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Heterodox Academy

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins

The HxA Campus Community at Johns Hopkins University is composed of thoughtful, curious members of the broader Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus, along with affiliated campuses and institutions.

We come from departments in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Whiting School of Engineering, the Bloomberg School of Public Health, and more. Among our top goals, we hope to promote the long-standing academic values of Johns Hopkins University, which include a respect for diverging viewpoints, open inquiry, and evidence-based discourse. We are also interested in promoting mental health and well-being in our students and faculty, and collegiality.

Johns Hopkins has a rich history of heterodox thinking. While it issued a statement echoing the Chicago principles of academic freedom in 2015, JHU did poorly in FIRE's recent Free Speech Rankings as determined by student voices. This is something we hope to improve upon. We desire a campus climate that is engaging, fearless, and fun for students, faculty, staff, and administration together.

We are actively pursuing partnerships with other groups across campus. This includes, for example, the SNF Agora Debate Initiative, which we view as operating in accordance with heterodox values and procedures. We are eager to get more faculty and students to join our efforts!

Campus Co-Chairs

Meet the leaders building the Johns Hopkins University Campus Community

Dylan Selterman 14

Dylan Selterman

Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Peter Mc Cullough JHU headshot

Peter McCullough

Adjunct Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Campus cta
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