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Heterodox Academy



The HxA Campus Community at Samford University promotes open inquiry, growth, and constructive disagreement on campus.

We are passionate about encouraging curiosity in faculty and students alike. This requires seeking out and giving exposure to different viewpoints as a means to challenge our assumptions, learn from our mistakes, and refine our convictions.

Our purpose is to equip our campus community with the attitudes and skills necessary for collaboration and citizenship. As a Christian university, we stand at the intersection of society and the church and have a responsibility to convene important conversations about living faithfully. We aspire to be a positive force on campus as we seek to fulfill these purposes.

We will build a fun and rewarding community of learners that cultivates relationships and connections; provide professional development opportunities to equip faculty and students with skills for open inquiry and constructive disagreement; host diverse and challenging speakers, and sponsor and lead initiatives; inspire positive change and mobilize faculty and students to lead in their own local contexts to improve institutional policies, practices, and culture.

Campus Co-Chairs

Meet the leaders building the Samford University Campus Community

Jonathan Thigpen Samford Headshot

Jonathan Thigpen

Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, School of Pharmacy
Art Carden Samford Headshot

Art Carden

Professor of Economics, School of Business
Campus cta
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