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Heterodox Academy

Seton Hall

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The HxA Campus Community at Seton Hall University is committed to providing a welcome space for faculty, staff, and students to express themselves freely in their classes and across campus.

The Seton Hall University Campus Community seeks to facilitate open and transformative dialogues that can build trust among those holding differing viewpoints. As a Catholic university that is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Newark, Seton Hall has a clear religious mission, while many disciplines and programs comprising the curriculum have moved in a secular direction. The multiple, overlapping, and intersecting bases of thought diversity within our university makes for a vibrant intellectual and moral-emotive environment, but also one in which the various perspectives may not sufficiently engage one another, given traditional university silos.

By building trust across political, curricular, and theological divides, our Campus Community will strengthen the academic community by modeling a communitarian spirit capable of bringing about authentic cultural change on our campus. The fostering of academic and moral community must take place in classrooms, in campus symposia, in formal university governance processes, as well as in informal daily conversations. We will address such issues in a spirit consistent with our commitment to open and constructive dialogue directed toward the search for truth and our commitment to the flourishing of all students and faculty.

Campus Co-Chairs

Meet the leaders building the Seton Hall University Campus Community

Anthony Haynor Seton Hall Headshot

Anthony Haynor

Associate Professor of Sociology
Mark Horowitz Seton Hall Headshot

Mark Horowitz

Associate Professor of Sociology
Campus cta
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