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Member Spotlight: Campus Expression North of the Border

Virtual May 26, 2022 at 3:00 pm ET Public Event

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HxA conducts the Campus Expression Survey on an annual basis to measure the extent to which students in the U.S. feel comfortable discussing various topics on their campuses. But what is the state of campus expression for one of our closest neighbors, Canada?

In this session, two groups of researchers will present their findings. The first, led by Prof. Martin Drapeau of McGill University, will share the results of a recent survey of Canadian university students’ attitudes on issues of open inquiry. The second, led by Prof. Christopher Dummitt of Trent University, will address findings on how Canadian professors view their roles, the extent to which they support heterodox values, and the level of political diversity within the profession.

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About the Speakers:

  • Gina Cormier headshot

    Gina Cormier is a Master’s student in Counselling Psychology and member of the Science and Practice in Psychology Research Lab at McGill University. A graduate student affiliate of Heterodox Academy, she is also the Research Coordinator for the Canadian campus expression student survey.

  • Christopher Dummitt headshot

    Christopher Dummitt is professor of history at Trent University in Canada. He writes on the history of Canadian politics and culture and is the creator of the Canadian history podcast 1867 & All That.

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Heterodox events are public conversations among academics and experts on a focused topic that offer an opportunity to showcase our values in action, and provide timely discussion of pressing topics. We are currently hosting regular virtual events in addition to periodic live events. Nearly all events, virtual or live, will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel following the event.


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