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Not a Monolith: Race and Viewpoint Diversity Resource Guide

“When we reject the single story, when we realize there is never a single story about any place, we regain a kind of paradise.”
– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This resource list contains HxA blog posts, podcast episodes, event recordings, and tools on the value of having a diversity of perspectives within groups that are often portrayed as having a singular worldview. Materials in this guide focus on the ways in which issues of race and identity are taught, studied, and discussed within institutions of higher learning and in the larger public discourse.

Given the ongoing focus on structural racism, the resulting anti-racism movements, and the responses to those movements, it is critical to highlight the multitude of viewpoints on these issues. It is only with a commitment to engaging with diverse viewpoints and disagreeing constructively that we can cultivate a richer educational experience, especially with issues as complex and sensitive as race and identity.

We encourage you to use these materials in your classrooms and on your campuses to deepen understanding and spark meaningful conversations about race and identity.

Past Events

  • Critical Questions about the Relationship Between Viewpoint Diversity and Other Aspects of Diversity. This plenary panel from HxA’s 2019 conference explores views about whether viewpoint diversity on campus undermines or supports other diversity-related goals. It features panelists Tony Banout, Senior Vice President, Interfaith Youth Core, Jennifer Collins, Bloomquist Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Dean of the Social Sciences, Gettysburg College, Taffye Benson Clayton, Vice President and Associate Provost, Office of Inclusion & Diversity, Auburn University, and Karith Foster, CEO & Founder, F.R.A.M.E.
  • Fighting Racism Without Shaming. Irshad Manji, Heterodox Academy Advisory Council member and author of “Don’t Label Me,” discusses her book, as well as how we should be thinking about diversity, identity, and creating cultures that value having difficult yet constructive conversations.
  • A Conversation with John McWhorter – Viewpoint Diversity among Black Intellectuals. John McWhorter speaks about viewpoint diversity among Black intellectuals, the state of open inquiry in higher education today, and his new book: “The Elect.”
  • A Critique of Anti-Racism in Rhetoric and Composition. Erec Smith, HxA member and Associate Professor of Rhetoric at York College of Pennsylvania, presents on his book, “A Critique of Anti-racism in Rhetoric and Composition: The Semblance of Empowerment,” and speaks to what he sees as the problems of many anti-racist approaches to teaching and scholarship. He then explores empowerment theory and collaborative pedagogy as solutions to these problems.

Blog Posts

Podcast Episodes

Tools and Resources

  • Discussion Guide: “Don’t Label Me” – In “Don’t Label Me,” Irshad Manji explores some of the hottest topics in America today — diversity, antiracism, and inclusion — and provides guidance on how to create cultures that value moral courage, viewpoint diversity, and seeking mutual understanding. This discussion guide is intended to spark constructive conversation and critical thinking about the book, its arguments and their relevance, and the state of our communities, campuses, and country.
  • Suggested Readings on Racism and Reform – Seven of our Advisory Council Members – Xavier de Souza Briggs, Robby George, Irshad Manji, Eboo Patel, Judith Shapiro, Nadine Strossen, and Cornel West – provided us with suggested readings on race and reform. This list contains books, articles, and videos that can help students and educators better understand this current moment and the possibilities for change about race, racism, policing and the criminal justice system, and the everyday experiences of African Americans.

We’re always trying to share more relevant materials. If you have suggestions for materials on the topic of race and viewpoint diversity that would be a good fit for this list, please email us at 

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We are compiling a compendium of initiatives, policies, programs, and other innovations that have been deployed in classrooms, on campuses, and in disciplines to support open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement. We want to hear practical strategies, tools, and resources that have worked for you, and that others can readily adapt and implement in their own institutions. These can range from entire courses to syllabi, reading lists, and research. Learn more & contribute.

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