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Three Strategies for Navigating Moral Disagreements

By: Musa Al-Gharbi, research associate at Heterodox Academy We in America and Western Europe, and by now many other places in the world, have this idea of people as fundamentally rational. On this account, our profound cognitive abilities are designed to help us discover objective truths about the world through logical argument and empirical observation...

Weekly Roundup of Heterodoxy—February 16, 2018 Edition

Psychology Professors Argue Against GroupThink (book review of The Politics of Social Psychology) by George Leef, The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal Academic Freedom and the New Populism, a lecture by Michael Ignatieff at LSE We All Live on Campus Now by Andrew Sullivan, New York How to Talk to Students With Ill-Considered..

Princeton, The N Word and Students: An opportunity for learning

By: Ian Storey of The Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College Princeton University professor Lawrence Rosen, the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Anthropology, found himself as the latest professor in the national spotlight when The Princetonian reported that several students walked out of his class after Rosen repeatedly used the n-word as..

Weekly Roundup of Heterodoxy—February 9, 2018 Edition

At Heterodox Academy It has been a momentous week at Heterodox Academy. We announced that Deb Mashek will be our new Executive Director. In a blog post, she explains her decision to leave an academic job to join HxA. See her interview in The Atlantic: A New Leader in the Push for Diversity of Thought on Campus by..

New HxA Member Interview Video

Heterodox Academy has quickly grown from a small group of roughly a dozen professors to more than 1,700 as of early January 2018. Over the summer of 2017, we interviewed select members about their motivations to join the organization and the issues that arise in climates of orthodoxy on campus. The goal was to present,..

Why I’m Leaving the Academy in Order to Help Save it

By: Debra Mashek, HxA’s Executive Director   Dear Members of Heterodox Academy, I landed my dream job in 2005.  For the past 13 years I have been on the faculty at Harvey Mudd College, an elite liberal arts school with an intense focus on the STEM disciplines. Every single day I get to work alongside incredible..

Heterodox Academy Appoints New Executive Director

Heterodox Academy selects Dr. Debra Mashek to lead initiatives increasing intellectual diversity, improving research, and calming campus rage NEW YORK, N.Y. – Heterodox Academy (HxA), a collaborative organization dedicated to increasing intellectual diversity in higher education, has chosen Dr. Debra Mashek (@DebMashekHxA) to be its new Executive Director. Dr. Mashek is a social psychologist and..