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We’re Hiring! Director of Communications

We seek a high-energy person who knows how to get things done with tact and aplomb to create and implement a strategic communications plan for HxA. The Director of Communications will be responsible for public relations, brand management, marketing, and media relations. Responsibilities will span web content, social media, editorial and publication production and internal..

hidden tribes

Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape

Sean Stevens is Heterodox Academy’s Research Director. He has a PhD in social psychology from Rutgers University. The international initiative More in Common, in collaboration with Purpose and YouGov, recently released an extensive report on the state of civic life among the American electorate. Reviewing research on how contemporary Americans perceive the political climate in..

misunderstanding heterodox academy

Misunderstanding Heterodox Academy

Musa al-Gharbi is a Paul F. Lazarsfeld Fellow in Sociology at Columbia University, and the Director of Communications at Heterodox Academy. Around this time last year, I had the honor of sharing the stage with former UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks for a dialog on academic freedom. While the event was billed as a “debate”..

HxA Resource Compendium

Call for Submissions: HxA Resource Compendium

In a recent essay for The Hill, HxA Executive Director Debra Mashek said three things are necessary for Heterodox Academy to realize its agenda: Academic stakeholders must value viewpoint diversity, open inquiry and constructive disagreement; Stakeholders must have access to, or be willing to create, effective strategies for enacting these values; Stakeholders must perceive social..

charlotta stern gender

Charlotta Stern on Gender Sociology’s Problems: Half Hour of Heterodoxy #37

An interview with Charlotta Stern, sociologist at Stockholm University, about the problem of biological sex differences being neglected in gender sociology. Charlotta is the author of Undoing insularity: A small study of gender sociology’s big problems and Does political ideology hinder insight on gender and labor markets? Her research has focused on social movement dynamics, labor market stratification, and on the political views of professors.