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ellen hendriksen

Ellen Hendriksen on Maintaining Your Sanity in Academia: Half Hour of Heterodoxy #42

Listen to an interview with Ellen Hendriksen, host of The Savvy Psychologist podcast. She’s a clinical psychologist at Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CARD). Her work is regularly featured in Psychology Today, Scientific American, and The Huffington Post. Her book, How to be Yourself: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety was published in 2018.

patronage politics

The Political Perils of Academic Patronage: GMU as a Case Study

Ian Storey is an Associate Fellow at the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics & Humanities at Bard College. In 1553, Michel de Villeneuve (better known as Michael Servetus) published Christianismi Restitutio. Hounded out of research at the University of Paris for anti-orthodox views and personal grievances, Villeneuve was entirely dependent on the support of Pierre..

sam abrams

Sam Abrams, Student Unrest, and a Teachable Moment at Sarah Lawrence College

  HxA Advisory Team Board Chair Jonathan Haidt, NYU Stern April Kelly-Woessner, Elizabethtown College Cristine Legare, University of Texas-Austin Scott Lilienfeld, Emory University Chris Martin, Georgia Institute of Technology About a month ago, Heterodox Academy member Sam Abrams —  a professor of politics and American government at Sarah Lawrence College — published a brief essay..

noah carl

The Problem With Open Letters — Noah Carl and Beyond

Musa al-Gharbi, Director of Communications Sean Stevens, Director of Research Krystyna Lopez, Director of Memberships & Partnerships Laura Lalinde, Director of Operations Debra Mashek, Executive Director   Hundreds of scholars recently signed onto an open letter denouncing Cambridge post-doctoral researcher Noah Carl on the basis that: “A careful consideration of Carl’s published work and public..

brave spaces

Safe Spaces, Brave Spaces, and Student Appreciation of Other Worldviews

Kevin Singer is a PhD Student at NC State University and Research Associate for the Interfaith Diversity Experiences and Attitudes Longitudinal Survey (@kevinsinger0). Matthew Mayhew is the William Ray and Marie Adamson Flesher Professor of Educational Administration at The Ohio State University (@MattJMayhewPhD). Alyssa Rockenbach is a professor of higher education at North Carolina State..


Advice for Thanksgiving (and Beyond): Bring Light, Not Heat

Debra Mashek is Heterodox Academy’s Executive Director. She has a PhD in Social Health and Psychology (with a concentration in Quantitative Methods) from State University of New York at Stony Brook and served as a Professor in Psychology at Harvey Mudd College. The Thanksgiving table need not be a politics-free zone. In fact, sharing political..