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How Can Universities Reform Themselves to Protect Open Inquiry on Campus?

Many colleges and universities are taking, or re-stating, official positions and principles on issues of open inquiry and free expression on campus – sometimes in response to external pressure, or through influence from varying campus groups.

What does this trend tell us, if anything, about the direction of higher education? Are official statements just cheap lip service? Or is this a moment for faculty to organize on campus to create positive change – and if so, what might that look like?

Across the hour, panelists Roslyn Artis, Mark McNeilly, and Jennifer Townsend discuss the following:

• What is the influence of groups on campus values?

• How can we change culture, promote communication, and develop competencies for dialogue?

• Do words have the power to cause psychological damage and encourage overprotective parenting?

• What are the potential dangers, objections, and complexities of free speech?

• Does unfiltered online culture expose true opinions?

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