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June 10, 2023+Team HxA
+Open Inquiry

HxA’s Next Chapter | John Tomasi and Jonathan Haidt

We are a group of people who love the university and think it can be better.

As part of this important mission, Heterodox Academy is thrilled to welcome its inaugural president, John Tomasi, an experienced academic with a clear and optimistic vision for the future of higher education.

Tomasi comes to HxA from Brown University, where he served as the Romeo Elton 1843 Professor of Natural Theology. During his more than 25 years at Brown, he was awarded two prizes for excellence in undergraduate teaching. He has also held positions at Princeton, Stanford, and Harvard.

Stepping into this new role at HxA, John brings a passion for students and the sacred tradition of learning. Through his leadership, we will continue to work towards improving these institutions by advocating for viewpoint diversity, open inquiry, and constructive disagreement on campuses and in classrooms.

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