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May 15, 2023+Team HxA
+Campus Climate+Viewpoint Diversity

Peer Pressure and the Suppression of Viewpoint Diversity on Campus

HxA’s Campus Expression Survey shows that nearly two-thirds of students are reluctant to share their views in class, with fear of retribution from peers being the main reason why. Recent speaker shout downs at Stanford, SFSU, and SUNY Albany show how social pressure is effective in silencing dissenting views during campus events. And FIRE’s Academic Mind survey shows that a quarter of faculty self-censor in academic publications, and over half are worried about their reputation being harmed over someone misrepresenting their views.

In this live discussion with academics at all levels of the university, panelists explored how social dynamics can inhibit viewpoint diversity on college campuses. And, importantly, they discuss what faculty and campus leaders can do to foster free campus expression.


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