October is coming to a close, campuses are halfway through their fall semesters, and here at HxA we’re wrapping up our Barriers to Knowledge Production theme and turning toward solutions with Teaching and Constructing Knowledge in November and December. Colleges and universities face continued and increasing challenges to open inquiry. What proactive strategies and mindsets can universities, professors, staff, and students adopt to overcome entrenched orthodoxies and spark innovative questions and research? 

As we prepare to explore this topic, we are ramping up some exciting things for November and December. Don’t miss our interdisciplinary panel on November 9th, Overcoming Academic Pressure with Intellectual Character, featuring expertise from philosophy, psychology, and social science. We’ll also host several member spotlights on urgent topics like What Gen Z Needs From Us, along with additional virtual events. Stay tuned! 

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Closing Out Our Barriers to Knowledge Production Theme

Through virtual panels, blog posts, and more, we’ve spent the last couple months exploring the ways knowledge production can be hindered cognitively, socially, economically, and institutionally. We hope you discovered new ideas around everything from personal reading practices and social media presence, to school choice and the purpose of the university. We invite you to revisit our outputs and resources from this theme, including:

For more, check out the Barriers to Knowledge Production Resource Guide.