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The 2022 theme was “Renewing Spaces of Knowledge and Trust” — an urgent call to action. How can we turn the tide of receding trust, especially within institutions of higher learning?

As one perpetually senses these days, trust is at an all-time low in our nation. Confidence in institutions, including universities, has eroded, and credible knowledge often feels difficult to come by. How can we turn the tide of receding trust, especially within institutions of higher learning? Our esteemed lineup of plenary speakers and concurrent panelists explored the challenges and endeavored to find solutions.

At HxA, we strive to exemplify the values we hope to see across higher education: intellectual charity, constructive dialogue, authenticity, and more. The HxA Way explores these ideals in greater depth. We encouraged attendees to consider and practice them at this conference and beyond — to be rigorous and charitable with one another and learn, challenge, and contribute. After all, "great minds don't always think alike," but we can come together to think together.

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The 2022 conference featured a variety of programming from panels to workshops, and research presentations to networking events.

Plenary Speakers
Concurrent Speakers

Heterodox Academy is the one place where I can play the token social justice feminist sex radical and still be in great company.

Alice DregerHistorian and Author
Alice Dreger

In a very short period Heterodox Academy has become the nation's leading champion of intellectual honesty, open debate and viewpoint diversity - for a simple reason: its members practice intellectual virtues that they preach.

David BrooksOp-Ed columnistNew York Times
David A Brooks
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