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Heterodox Academy

University of

U Kentucky

The HxA Campus Community the University of Kentucky, “Grey Matters”, will connect individuals across campus who share an interest in learning from people who think differently.

We have a growing local network of community members (faculty, graduate students and undergraduates) devoted to the HxA values of viewpoint diversity, constructive disagreement and open inquiry. We plan to have ongoing discussion and reading groups around controversial campus issues.

One of our goals is simply to connect individuals from different disciplinary and ideological backgrounds who all share an interest in learning from people who think differently. Some of us are developing a podcast in which we will model viewpoint diversity and discuss topics dear to the HxA mission.

Campus Co-Chairs

Meet the leaders building the University of Kentucky Campus Community

Erin Hester UK headshot

Erin Hester

Assistant Professor, Integrated Strategic Communication

Timothy Minella

Lecturer, Lewis Honors College
Leon Sachs UK headshot

Leon Sachs

Associate Professor, Modern and Classical Languages
Dimity strakovsky UK headshot

Dmitry Strakovsky

Association Professor, School of Art and Visual Studies
Campus cta
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