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HxA Syndication

All of the content on the HxA blog falls under a Creative Commons license — allowing it to be syndicated for free, at will, without asking permission from HxA.

You must provide attribution. Republished essays must include the author’s full name. If you provide a byline or biographical details, they should match the information provided on our site. The content must be identified as having been originally published by Heterodox Academy, with a link back to the original article on our website.

You cannot edit our content. By this, we mean substantive edits. It is fine to adjust formatting and style — or update the metadata — to bring into compliance with your site. However, one cannot modify content beyond these parameters without explicit approval from HxA. Examples of impermissible modifications include (but are not limited to):

  • Adding new content, i.e. putting words into an authors’ mouth that they did not say

  • Cutting out inconvenient sections to make the author seem to lean one way or another, to play to a certain base, or to avoid challenging a given audience

  • Splicing together bits and pieces from the essay in order to make it seem as though the author was arguing something they weren’t

  • Attempting to paraphrase or condense an argument by cutting out material that one deems superfluous and/or rephrasing certain lines

  • If you do wish to make material edits, you will need to seek written permission from Heterodox Academy for approval prior to publication of the materially edited work.

You cannot sell or restrict access to our content. It is acceptable to run our essays on pages with ads. However, none of our content should be behind paywalls — nor should it be sold as part of a collection, etc. — without explicit permission in writing from Heterodox Academy. Those syndicating an essay have no right to restrict others from using that same content in accordance with our guidelines.

You cannot systematically republish all of our articles, replicate our blog in its entirety, nor frame the content of our site.

The following special cases apply to the HxA blog:

  • Excerpts: It is fine to run the first few lines or paragraphs of the article (as an extract) and then say ‘Read full article at Heterodox Academy’ with a link back to the article.

  • Quotes: It is fine to quote authors, provided attribution and a link back to the source.

  • Print, podcast, video: Syndicating blog content in print, video or podcast form is also covered by our Creative Commons license and, mutatis mutandis, is subject to the same restrictions and attribution requirements.

  • Translations: These are technically classified as derivatives under our Creative Commons license. Therefore, they require approval in writing from HxA. Verbatim translations that are compliant with the aforementioned guidelines will typically be approved without issue.

  • Associated images: The pictures associated with our posts (for distribution on social media, etc.) are not covered by our Creative Commons license. We rely on them in accordance with Title 17, Section 107, US Code for noncommercial, educational purposes. However, use of this content, in part or in full, for any other purpose requires permission from its owner; Heterodox Academy cannot grant permission to utilize this content.

  • Beyond the blog: The Creative Commons license applies specifically to the written content on our blog. Heterodox Academy reserves all rights to other content on the site, including podcast interviews.

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